Preventing price raising in Halong Carnaval 2012

Halong tourism week with the emphasis Canaval street festival 2012, is to be held in Bai Chay tourism area. There are over 333 accommodation of all kinds, including more than 70 hotels (rating of 1-4 stars) with over 4,400 rooms and 263 standard hotels, guests houses with nearly 3,000 rooms. So far, rooms for 2 days 30 april and 1 may, have all been reserved.
It is estimated that the number of visitors this year will fiercely increase to about 10,000 during the festival. So that it is very easy to see the situation small hotels push room price to double or even triple or stop reservations to wait for time.
Mr. Doan Manh Linh, head of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Department said: “To meet the demand, the mobilization of the neighboring residences and homestays is also considered by Quang Ninh tourism”. The load reduction to Hon Gai with more than 1,200 rooms of 140 hotels and about 1,200 rooms on cruises are also ready.
He also added: “To avoid price pressures, we will conduct inspection on the implementation of the price listing as registered to the authority, will have reasonable measures of the prices and will punish agents severely if violations detected.”

The good news is that with the big hotels prices guaranteed, a number of small hotels have claimed to sell at the posted prices as the state regulations, ensure businesses reputations.

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