Halong Carnaval: the festival of colors

Halong in the atmosphere of the Carnaval celebrated with sparkling, brilliant colors. The excellent performances of art are elaborately staged. A splendid street festival will attract thousands of tourists.
It’s about a month more Halong Tourism Week 2012 will take place. Under the plan, Halong Tourism week 2012 will be held from 22 April to 30 April 2012. The venue are Halong city center, Bai Chay tourists area, Tuan Chau resort and ancillary activities in Mong Cai city, Uong Bi city, Dong Trieu district, Van Don district.

The main activities of the Halong Tourism Week 2012 include: The Carnaval Halong 2012 Program; The final of “The Best Presenter on Halong” contest, The art and cultural performance on Halong – Quang Ninh; The photos exhibition on Halong; The culinary festival; The sports such as beach volleyball, takraw ball, sports dance.. The events held in this year’s tourism week are to combine ethnography and traditional values ​​with modern styles, youthful tourism.

Especially, this year’s Halong- Quang Ninh Tourism Week will have the participation of many national and international cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi city, the five coastal and northern key economic provinces, the locals of East Asian Inter-Regional Tourism Forum (EATOF); the Guangxi, Guangdong; Hainan, Yunnan (China)...

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