Free Wifi coverage of Halong Bay the Heritage - the Wonder

Many investment projects of Halong city infrastructure are being developed and completed. These are favorable conditions for Halong to develop the tourism infrastructure, attract more visitors. In particular, the deployment of the wireless internet access (wifi) coverage in Halong is a must for the city with the heritage – natural wonder of the world.


Under the memorandum of the cooperation in building wireless systems in Quang Ninh between the Province People’s Community (PPC) and the Vietnam Postal Telecommunications Group (VNPT), the objectives are: “To serve the needs of the tourists and the province people for the internet accesses conveniently; To transmit the information for the development of the culture, economy – society in Quang Ninh province; To create a favorable business environment, quickly and conveniently; To help attract domestic and foreign investment for the growth in tourism, trade, industrial, marine economy; To expand and develop the information services of VNPT in Quang Ninh.”


According to the survey, Halong city will have 44 points install wifi system capable of using before 20 April 2012 (prior to the Halong – Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2012 about 10 days). The Wifi intallations are located mainly along the highway 18A (crossing Halong city, from the Post Office of Ha Tu ward to the Halong night market of Bai Chay ward). These are populated places with many visitors stays in the city.


Halong wifi coverage provides free access via a computer, a phone with wifi connection is something that every people wishes for. Although being free trade individuals but many people want to be online to look for information, to learn behaving themselves to please the tourists. The tourists on the travel but with arising tasks and need information, email exchanges. The Halong city wifi installations are very consistent with the information technology era.

The Wifi service will only be free for some basic information, the use for entertainment, download large volume will be charged. For those who want to work in outer space with wireless internet access everywhere in Halong city, this is great.

Halong City is looking forward to be a modern tourism city, the construction of information technology infrastructure is an essential.


Addional informaton: There will be 10,000 seats at Carnaval Halong Festival 2012. According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the will be seating for 10,000 people enjoying Carnaval Halong Festival 2012 taking place on the 1 may as a part of Halong – Quang Ninh tourism week. To create favorable conditions for the people to monitor the performances, the seats will be divided into many small sections on the Halong Bay.


With the theme “Quang Ninh – the convergence and diffusion”, Carnaval Halong this year will have many interesting items to show Peoples identities, cultural values ​​of ethnics. It’sexpected that the participants in the performances are about 3,800 people, of which 3,000 are amateur actors and more than 600 are professional actors, models.

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