Adventure on Halong Bay

The special structure of Halong Bay geology with mountains, caves is an ideal condition for the development of adventure tourism like rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, etc.. In recent years, adventures are increasingly popular to native as well as foreign people due to its attraction.
In the last few months, every weekend, in nice weather, about 10 members of the Vietclimb (a hiking club) come back the Halong. The club was founded in late 2005, by Jean Verly, 30 years old, a professional mountain climber athlete, who has won many high, rugged mountains with the club members in Vietnam.
In order to reach eligible area for climbing on Halong Bay, the club members usually go to Cat Ba Island and then continue by hydrofoil or boat to a specific area on Halong Bay. Each week they conquered a different island. Climbing group with more than 10 people, only 2 Vietnameses. Among them there are athletes who were professional in mountain climbing but then switched their careers to live and work in Vietnam. Normally, they climb about 30m heigh. They may need to use straps for insurance in dangerous areas. If there is no way to climb, climbers have a choice is… to jump into the sea.
However, other than club members of Vietclimb, there is no travel business owner built mountain climbing adventure into their tours due to its complexity, requiring the company to train the basic rock climbing skills to visitors, equipments investment and visitors must have health, courage, love adventure… So that this type of adventures in Halong Bay so far is just potential.
Currently, the most popular type of adventure that many foreign visitors choose when visiting to Halong Bay is kayaking. Kayak is a kind of composite plastic or solid rubber or rubber inflatable small boat, all of which are floating in any situation and using two propellers oars. With the shape, it looks no different from bamboo leaves, small, long, slender and attractive.
Kayak activities are present in Halong since the early 90s of the last century. At first, kayaking service used mainly for foreign tourists who are fond of adventure. Till now, many domestic tourists like it as well, especially young people. Other than climbing, almost anyone can take kayaking, just use a few basic moves. Many visitors have said that to experience all of Halong bay grandeur and to explore the cliffs under the influence of rolling waves for thousands of years or just to touch the aged stone.. it is the best to kayak. Alone on the kayak or with a companion, visitors will discover the emotions that have never been through while rowing close the mountain and feel the absolute silence in areas of the Gulf.
Today, most large cruise visiting Halong Bay are equipped with kayaks. Such locations as Hang Luon (Luon cave), Hon Ba Trai Dao (three peaches islet), Ho Ba Ham (Three cellars lake), Hon Dau Be (Buffalo Head islet).. are the appropriate locations for kayaking. In addition, many travelers prefer kayaking to visit such fishing villages as Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Ba Hang, sightseeing activities of fishermen.

The National Geographic Adventures Times voted for Halong Bay as one of 25 destinations in the world best for kayaking in 2000. There is also a personal blog with following lines: “The day of a kayaking athlete glided away. Halong Bay is with numerous islands filled with magic to those who love kayak. Once holding oars, you will no longer have desire of experiencing the world natural heritage just by sitting on your cruise..”

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