35 cruises have been painted white in January 2012

According to the Department of Transport, in january 2012, the Businesses have completed painting for 35 ships in white. Under these circumstances, the Department of Transport had written to guide and accelerate the planning board to ensure the paint has set.
The number of ships not completed as planned in January is 55 due to the lunar New Year festival and by the weather conditions not favorable. These ships will continue to perform painting and will have finished in February 2012.

In addition, the Department of Transportation has requested the other 150 ships complete painting in Fubruary. The rest of active vessels on the bay have the deadline to be 30thApril 2012. The Department of Transportation and other agencies have had specific plans and created good conditions for the Businesses to complete as schedule.

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35 cruises have been painted white in January 2012 Copy
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