Endemic plants of Halong Bay

According to scientists in the group of terrestrial plants, Halong Bay has 435 species, 285 branches, 100 families in 5 types. Of which 7 are Halong bay endemic plant species.
Of the most numerous is Phat Du family. This endemic species often grow in population, close to the water’s edge, on cliffs or steep mountain peaks and on most of the islands in Halong Bay.
Phat Du blooms in early summer, bright yellow, brilliant. There are hundreds of years olded trees with rolling up roots, inserted into the canyon.
Unlike Phat Du in population, another endemic species of Halong is Thien Tue, usually live independently. They grow firmly on a rock cliff.
When referring to Halong endemic plant, you can not ignore Halong palm tree. This breed prefers the high, most of them grow on the mountain tops, the tallest tree measured to 15m. Halong palm trees bloom in early summer, distributed in the area of ​​Cua Van, Soi Sim, Cat Ba.. Halong palm tree is one of the few species that can be propagated.

Lightweight and modest, purple Kho Cu Dai often grow in small clumps on the mountai. This species blooms in March. Flowers are white with purple sepals.
To withstand the climate and the harsh living conditions, most of plants in Halong Bay are with thriving roots. They not only help the plants firmly attach to rocks, fighting the wind storm, but also creep into the rocks to absorb water.

It is strange. Between the barren rocks, still growing the shoots, as an endless succession of the nature.

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